cukiernia Zamość

Cukiernia Bohema

Main dishes


Pork loin

Pork loin

Pork loin in mushroom powder wrapped in bacon with vegetables,
potato triangles and roast-mustard sauce

Pork cheerks

with potato puree flavored with truffle,
sauce from elderberry and white cabbage salad

Pork chop

in crispy bread, served with potatoes with dill and cucumber salad

Roasted pork  ribs

Roasted pork ribs

in marinade honey-mustard, served with quarters
potato, BBQ sauce and white cabbage salad


Beef tenderloin steak

Beef tenderloin steak

with potato quarters,cherry tomatoes,
green pepper sauce and a vinaigrette salad


Roe deer steak

Roe deer steak

Roe deer steak, served with a pearl barley with chanterelles,
a sauce from Old Polish wine and vinaigrette salad

Deer stew

Deer stew

served on grated potato triangles, pickles cucumber and sour cream


Chicken breast,

with bone served on pumpkin puree,
roasted beetroot salad and balsamico sauce

Roast of duck

Roast of duck

br east served with roasted potato hooves,
fried beets, carmelized apple and cranberry sauce

Frykadelki chicken (for children)

Frykadelki chicken (for children)

breaded chicken pieces served with chips and ketchup


Roztoczański baked trout seasoned

Roztoczański baked trout seasoned

with lemon pepper with fresh herbs,
served with roasted potatoes and vegetables from the oven

Gilthead fillet

served on pumpkin puree,
vegetable ragout and lime sauce

Stek z łososia

Salmon steak served

with pearl barley witch chanterelles and dried tomato,
rocket salad and tomato-peach salsa


Dumplings stuffed

with venison and cabbage with mushroom sauce

Russian dumplings stuffed

with mashed potato and coltage cheese,
served with sour cream or greaves

Dumplings stuffed

Dumplings stuffed

with spinach and salmon, served with creamy sauce

Mix of dumplings s

erved with sauce (4 of each kind)


Our dishes are made of fresh Italian pasta of 100% semolina

Black Fusilli pasta

Black Fusilli pasta

with salmon, spinach, olive oil and parmesan cheese

Tagliatelle z szynka parmeaska

Tagliatelle of parma ham,

mushrooms and parmesan in creamy sauce

Penne pasta

in tomato sauce with vegetable ragout,
grated parmesan chese and basil

Tagliatelle with parawns

in its own sauce with the addition of chilli,
served with broccoli, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese